Replay 80: WDC: DTS vs Ehome

1.24e / 6.69c

(Map Folder: Warcraft III/Maps/DotA/DotA v6.69c)

Game Played: 10-Nov-2010
Game Length: 49:29 min
Can the pushy DTS win against the AoE Ehome? 

The Picks

Lets start with the most beautiful part of this game, the picks!

Ehome expected a push strategy from DTS as we can notice from their picks with mass AoE skills... Fissure – Shadowraze - Frost Nova – zzz the list goes on and on with every hero having some kind of AoE skill! They got blessed with whatever they ever wanted. :P However, I feel wrong about the last pick Razor... although Ehome thought a lot before picking him and I respect their decision, I expected a Lion or similar hero... which could disable ‘a pain in the neck’ Dazzle and insta-zapp Enchantress. But anyways, I think I'll trust Ehome on this. :P

DTS, the masterminds... did the exact same thing as Ehome predicted, but in a totally unexpected way to anyone. I mean Enchantress – Syllabear – Dazzle – zzz, who could’ve ever thought of such a line up facing the proclaimed No.1 team of the world! [Source: GosuRankings :P] Kudos to their drafting!

My Verdict after the pick-phase: Ehome will win the match as they had all the AoE one team could ever dream off and DTS had a serious flaw as they didn’t have a plan B in case their push attempts fail. They lacked the all needed “Ranged AoE” to stop Ehome in a situation they were the ones pushing somehow. (Not un-natural with that many AoE spells) The good thing was that both the teams got the heroes they wanted. :D

The Laning

Ehome seemed pretty unclear about DTS lanes as any other team would’ve been. One thing I expected from DTS didn’t come true... they could’ve Roshan at lvl 1 with those picks although it was dangerous as even Ehome might suspect that. What no one would’ve suspected is that Ehome’s 1st tower would be down within 2 minutes of game and the 2nd one within 5 minutes. Ehome would’ve preferred a 2-1-2 lane style if they had a wind about this. :D

In the game Ehome played against LGD.sgty, I got to know how defensive strats prevail the top notch matches but in this game DTS blew me away with their amazing game-play in an aggressive push strat. J

Apart from the picks, this game is more worth watching rather than writing it out here. And your watching the game will become much much much and much! more fun if you watch it with Tobi's Commentary on the game. I've included his video below for your enjoyment. :)

Recommended game for Enchantress, Dazzle.
Winner :: DTS.

You can also check out Luminous' awesome commentary over the game at DotaCommentaries.


  1. great game epic in every way:D:D:D..really loved it thnx for the post phoenix

  2. I miss the wtf long game analysis you used to do earlier but I understand your job responsibilities and I'm happy you're back... yet again! :D

  3. @ Ramee
    Where's your analysis? I love to read it. :)

    @ Anony
    Even I miss writing those and the loong sittings to make them but things change with time... maybe for the better? :P

  4. sorry man...but u got work i got midterms:( im really swamped right now.
    so many stuff to say about this game.
    starting with the really wrong razor pick to DTS unique play strategy that changed mid way through the game.if u noticed after the fall of the 2 top towers DTS's enchantress no longer enchanted creeps and focused only on dpsing...notice how in every team battle enchantress ignored the 2 carries nevermore and razor and went after the supporters why is that simply because the were the real threat never and razor cant disable and dps simply cant kill enchatress with dazzle as a back up:D...
    seriously i can write pages about this game and i really recommend every single team captain to watch it since it provides an amazing view to a very unique and great strategic approach to dota

  5. btw when i said dps cant kill enchatress i meant damage over time not burst damage:)