Replay 86: Roshan is Everything! SMM'10: vs StarsBoba

1.24e / 6.69c

Game Played: 5-Dec-2010
Game Length: 46:09 min
After watching soo many replays from the SMM'10, I'm certain this was the most entertaining game of them all. It would've been more fun if I could lay hands on the pick sequence, and know how SB took those pushing bastards without getting noticed. :D

This was a stupendous game with getting all the ganking heroes they could lay their hands on while SB prepared a push strategy. The best fight of the game takes place at the Roshan's enclave and it was seriously a tough job to predict which team will get the aegis finally. :P I didn't note down the exact start/end time of the epic battle, but I guess it was more than 5 mins long. :D

My verdict on seeing the picks:

Replay 85: WDC: LGD.sgty vs

1.24e / 6.69c

Game Played: 11-Nov-2010
Game Length: 67:40 min

Yet another masterpiece from the Group D of WDC!

!!! Farming Game Alert !!!
Haters of full game ricing game do not watch this game :P

I'll give a virtual cookie to anyone who explains me why LGD.sgty picked specifically Gondar for this match?

Replay 84: WDC: MYM vs

1.24e / 6.69c

Game Played: 18-Nov-2010
Game Length: 88:53 min
The veterans of Europe take it on with the best (maybe not? :P) of Malaysia in this epic game. Although this game is around 90 mins long, you'll need at least 2 hours to watch the epic team fights at 1/2 x speed. :P

Replay 83: WDC: LGD.sgty vs MYM

1.24e / 6.69c

Game Played: 18-Nov-2010
Game Length: 76:45 min
(Actual Game length was around 50 mins only)

With more than 50 replays of the WDC Tournament itself, I'm happy there are people to recommend me the most awesome games of them all. :) Even though I haven't seen all the WDC Replays but, this one was easily one of the best and surely epic!

In this match, LGD starts off with a probable turtle line-up, well detected and ruined by MYM as they ban the orthodox turtle carries Medusa and Sniper. Can the surprise pick Magina take on the 4 INT line-up? Or will MYM end the game early with their massive pushers and mobile fountain (Necrolyte for hp, Maiden for mp)? Enjoy the massive clash between the two Veteran teams. :)