Replay 22: MYM vs FTZ.Asia

6.64 / 1.24b
Download Link (900 Kb approx.)

Match Comments
- Some non-regular picks.
- Some nail biting escapes

I will be commenting on the pick scenario in spoiler stuff.

My Pick/Ban Hypothesis

Okay, so lets discuss about the picks...

1. FTZ pick Puck
Implications: Strong team battles. How? Puck Blink->Silence->Coil=> No one gets out of the coil AoE.

2. MYM pick Lion, Zeus
Lion and Vengeful are staple first picks for MYM. Vengeful was banned and Lion got picked.
Zeus gets picked as an anti-dagger counter => trying to screw Puck before she screws MYM.

3. FTZ pick Crixalis, Spectre
Sand was a part of the team battle combo with Puck. (Puck blink, silence, coils -> Sand blink, epicenters)
Spectre was picked so MYM don't go global anti dagger. (Spectre is already a great pick in current metagame anyways)

4. MYM were a bit screwed at this moment.
MYM... "Our only hope is that Zeus uses ulti timely."
Picks Kunkka so things don't go worse.
Picks Earthshaker to tri-lane/gank to stop Spectre from farming. [FTZ was able to smell the tri-lane... notice Medusa on the backfoot at 00:30 game time approx.]

5. FTZ...
We have the upper hand. MYM trying to screw Spectre. Obviously she would need a good healer babysitter to perform well=> Dazzle or Warlock. Would Dazzle's armor have much use? Not that good coz enemies are magical/cleave damage. Therefore dazzle not useful. Who'z left? Warlock = good babysitter + stronger team battles.
Now, why Medusa? Maybe it was a personal choice to screw Kunkka.

6. MYM...
Okay, we plan to screw (one of the carries) Spectre by ganking/tri-laning. What about Medusa?
-> Personal Obsidian choice to screw Medusa. [Obsodian's ulti sweeps away Medusa mana.]

Other Proofs that my hypothesis is correct

1. [00:30] Notice Medusa plays on backfoot. Send Spectre and Warlock mid instead of a more expected top lane. Proves FTZ were also able to smell a tri-lane.

2. [01:00] Lion and Earthshaker move mid to gank... "We're supposed to tri-lane gank Spectre. So, lets go mid gank her."

I might add stuff tomorrow when my head's in place but can't be sure. (So many replays to see, I think this will suffice)

Recommended game for Lion and Spectre.
Winner: FTZ.Asia

UTDC.Justin's speaks on how MYM could've ended better

The combination of Lion-Zeus was very poor, MYM usually tends to play something like Lion Sandking (Hello Mania SK) or could have two strong teamfight heroes (SK/Spectre -> allow two lane picks (Lion/ES/Slardar) -> Warlock/Pirate). Anyways, after the Spectre pick, though, picking more immobile heroes (ES/OD) wasn't the best of decisions. Medusa more or less made it easy for them to fight out their battles and simply win it on attrition later on. OD isn't a bad counter for Dusa, just not very functional with the rest of the lineup (kind of like old Dusa to counter Omni sort of mentality)

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