Replay 58: ProDota: MYM vs DTS

1.24e / 6.66b
Game Played: April 11
Replay Length: 59 mins.

Match Analysis by MYM || Playmate...

The picking stage was quite surprising since they let us have chen which hasnt been available for months at least. The only pick we were uncertain with was the viper pick, we ran out of time and he was one of the heroes we had in mind but i think if we had extra time we would have picked something else last.

Early game dts owned us hard they showed the true strength of being on lan with great teamplay and timing and kept dominating us. They were leading big with both towers and kills until we got a dagger on panda and were able to start winning fights with a great initiate who could blink in and setup for us to followup (killing ward, euling other heroes while stunning the target etc) and a strong support behind us backing us up, lion disabling and paralyzing everyone in sight (good example with him against cm sven where he does some magic) while chen with tornados/stunners/netters was ready to disable and help lion plus meka ulti to keep us alive together with pipe viper. I think the fact that we never thought the game was over and kept fighting made us win, we did what we were supposed to. They controlled early so we had to step carefully and regain strength to be able to fight them which we did and in the end we turned it and won.

Recommended Game for Chen
Winner :: MYM


  1. great game man!
    viper should taken 1 level of corrosive skin early could hv saved him alot of ganks

  2. ^Offense is the best defense. Therefore I don't agree with you.

  3. English commentary of this match is up :)

  4. Wrong game Lumi :P The one you posted is DDT vs TeG which I haven't seen yet. :D

  5. And now that I've seen DDT vs TeG, it's no way epic and won't be posted :P