Replay 62: ADC'10: EHome vs CHN

1.24c / 6.66b

Game Played: April 29
Match Format: BO1
Game Length: 16 mins

ADC'10 Qualifier Match

A game where the losing team you actually gets to know that they were heavily outpicked... :P

Replay 61: Storm the Front: OK vs Unique

6.67c / 1.24e
Download Link (1.32 Mb)
Game played: April 28
Replay Length: 87 mins
Just watch the damn game till the end! (Unfortunately last 1 min of the game isn't available in the replay)
Catch Luminous48's awesome commentary on this match @ dotacommentaries. :D
Catch the shoutcast for this epic game by Madmortigan @ livestream

Replay 60: Pride: DDT vs

6.67c / 1.24e
Download Link (1.58 Mb)
Replay Length: 78 mins
Game Played: April 22
Match Comments
- Team playing with their new roster.
- Some unorthodox picks
- Lots & lots of action throughout the game
- Divine Rapier by Swiss(Mirana), Eye of Skadi by Misery(Furion)
- Difficult to predict the winner

Replay 59: IHE: Kuroky vs Ducky

In-House Elites
1.24e / 6.67c
Download Replay (1.36 Mb)
Replay Length: 85 mins
Game Played on April 12th
Check out this amazing clash of the elites where one team loves to just gank down the enemy while the other likes to push as if there's no tomorrow. A lot of team battles with huge number of wards and buy-backs involved. You'll also love the neat escapes players make in this epic game!

Replay 58: ProDota: MYM vs DTS

1.24e / 6.66b
Game Played: April 11
Replay Length: 59 mins.

Match Analysis by MYM || Playmate...

The picking stage was quite surprising since they let us have chen which hasnt been available for months at least. The only pick we were uncertain with was the viper pick, we ran out of time and he was one of the heroes we had in mind but i think if we had extra time we would have picked something else last.

Replay 57: U9 Cup: EHome vs Days

1.24b / 6.66b

Download Replay (981 Kb)
(Map Folder: Maps\dota\DotA Allstars v6.66b.w3x)

Game Played: April 16
Replay Length: 58 mins
An astonishing game by the best of Chinese (both sides) with unorthodox picks. Days going for a strong team battle combo strat while EHome trying to take away this game with the farm to win concept.

Enjoy special commentary for this game on :D

Replay 56: U9 Cup: Days vs CH

1.24b / 6.66b

Download Replay (1.01 Mb)
(Map Folder: Maps\dota\DotA Allstars v6.66b.w3x)

Game Played: April 10
Replay Length: 59 mins
IMBA game is IMBA! Amazing game from both the sides such that you can never predict the winner. :D
Enjoy Luminous48's audio commentary on this epic game full of action on his new website, 

Replay 55: IHE: Ducky vs Azen

In-House Elites
1.24e / 6.67c
Replay Length: 59 mins.

Commenting on the picks, Sentinel's team battles look very strong with Puck, Sand and Silencer conforming that all spells will go off unresisted. I expect Scourge heroes to avoid crowding and go for early blink daggers. Also, taking out Silencer earliest in team battles or a gank before that seems to be best choice for Scourge... I mean you can afford to lose some ulties to gank just Silencer.

Recruitment in process!

I'll get horrendously busy in a few days. If someone is a regular replay watcher and wants to share epic replays with/without reviewing them, I'll be happy to give you the permission and recruit you as one of the blog authors. This is not a job, do it if you feel good helping people or love sharing your views in the public. All those interested can contact me on phoenix.noreply{a} with a review of any game posted on this blog. Any of your doubts will be cleared via email / Gtalk.

Regular readers don't think of this as a compromise in quality of the replays posted, I'll make sure that doesn't happen. I would rather not be surprised if someone with great taste of replays and awesome summarizing skills comes into the limelight. :)

What the hell??? Team and OK disband!

Two top European clans, and OK have decided to disband. :_(

After the crushing defeat from DDT in F4F 2.5 Finals, Nirvana manager Loveen announced yesterday that would continue to play under the same tag with two new players removing Merlini and Kuroky from the current roster.

Team OK player Drayich declared his retirement from the game today while Synderen has decided to shoutcast Dota games in future after a break for coping up with his studies.

Excerpt from Dray's blog...

Sadly i have to announce that i will be stepping back yet again from DotA - seeing it as the only possibility due to some personal reasons. OK-Gaming will change a little bit, but you shouldnt give up on that team.

Synderen, as he has stated earlier will take his time off now, for about 3 months and focus on his studies, thats why i took the chance and stepped back at the same time as him. Synderen might come back, but then chances is he will focus on his shoutcastings, which he really loves. And i admire him for his work too. I'm really sorry for everyone rooting for me, but time beeing makes it impossible to do anything else then step out.

Kuroky declared that he would be focusing on the game Heroes of Newerth while Merlini gave an interview to Beast_Pete yesterday saying that he was willing to retire from dota for a long time and it seemed to him that now is the best time to leave with dignity. This news, however shocking to most of us, doesn't surprise me on Nirvana's part. Kuroky has always been suprising us with his decisions while Merlini sounded really sad in his interview with Madmortigan after the finals with DDT.


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